Kids Content & YouTube Brand Safety

April 3, 2019

Recently, another YouTube scandal arose centering around pedophiles hiding within the comments and algorithmically suggested, related videos of little girls innocently playing Twister, doing gymnastics, and playing. No less than a week later, more disturbing news made headlines about how a mom found suicide instructions within videos on YouTube Kids.

Since zero OpenSlate clients, using our data on TrueView and/or GP campaigns, were exposed to content referenced in recent articles, we issued a POV explaining the issues & risks and how advertisers can solve for this moving forward. To clarify, these issues are not about comments. The larger problem is advertisers running alongside poorly aligned, low-quality videos. Google’s opaque monetization engine can place ads in the long tail of unpredictable, potentially high risk content and brands can mitigate those risks using pre-campaign content targeting.

Take Control of Where Your Ads Run
Eliminate misaligned content from your targeting strategy to significantly reduce both risk and waste. Via the OpenSlate Guard, the kids model protects advertisers from running against channels that produce content intended for children 12 years and under (toy reviews, kid songs, Sesame Street, nursery rhymes, animation with simplistic themes and characters, and kids gaming).

This model is regularly vetted and retrained against more than 500MM videos, and in this process we’ve identified over 35K English language channels that include kids content. OpenSlate also offers brand-suitable solutions for marketers who proactively wish to reach children.

Take Action: Protect Your Brand From Running on Kids Content.
Work with an independent 3rd party that offers a pre-campaign solution that fits your brand’s needs. OpenSlate is here to help. Contact your regional OpenSlate representative for detailed information and next steps.

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