Employee Spotlight – Angelina Hulbert, Senior CEM

November 18, 2019

What made you choose OpenSlate?
I didn’t choose OS, OS chose me (laughs). I started my career at Operative, in Ad Ops. One of the accounts I had taken on was OpenSlate’s so I had weekly calls with a Data Ops director [Joey Tumminello] every Thursday and I could already tell he was crazy. I started getting pretty close to the CEM’s from OS that were submitting work and when it was finally ready for me to leave my last company, I spoke to Joey on the phone one Thursday and he started telling me about new job opportunities. I came in for interviews and I knew the moment I walked in that the culture here was great. I loved everyone that I spoke to and actually didn’t end up applying anywhere else because I knew I’d be happy.


You were recently promoted — how does your new role in the company differ from the one you initially started out with?
The biggest difference is location! I get the opportunity to work for a company I love in beautiful Sydney, Australia. The role here is almost completely different than my previous role in New York. It’s just me and one other person here servicing all of Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific so it is more of an all hands on deck situation. I do the job of sales, data operations, client success and analytics. It’s a lot more work but I love being able to do a little bit of everything.


Describe your team in 3 words.
My Australia team (Poppy & I) refer to ourselves as The Dynamic Duo, that’s three words! We are always on the same page, we enjoy each other’s company, we trust each other’s judgment. It’s important that we agree on everything we do because it’s only the two of us out here and our work hours don’t overlap with any of the other offices. My international team is fun, knowledgeable and supportive. Fun, because no matter how stressed and busy we are, someone is always joking around. Secondly, I would be knowledgeable because OS does a good job of picking people with unique expertise, we have diverse industry and education backgrounds so our combined knowledge is extremely beneficial. Lastly, I have never been on a team as supportive as this one. If one person is struggling to do something, everyone pitches to help, no matter the situation. This is probably the thing that I am most grateful for since moving to Australia. Everyone has been willing to help me via email, Slack, call, Zoom chat, etc at any point in time, no matter how early or late it is in their timezone.


How has your experience at OS been different compared to your previous work experiences?
This is my second company since I graduated college and I really lucked out with the previous and current workplace. I loved my last company and the people there so I was terrified that if I left I would end up in a worse situation, but I could not have been more wrong. OS has been the best place to work. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people who are so excited about the company and what we do.

Another great thing about it here is that no one micromanages and everyone is trusting of our individual work. OS promotes confidence in our team and because of this, we’re all able to speak to what we do very well.


What has been your most memorable day at OpenSlate?
The energy of my first OpenSlate all-hands [2017]! I was very new at that time and it was amazing to see the excitement everyone brought to the office that week and meet the offsite teammates. Everyone was so passionate and energized about the year to come, it was a great representation of the business and also the culture here.


Since today is your birthday — do you have any annual traditions/favorite thing to do?
Fun fact – I usually cry on my birthday. It started on my 19th because I was so upset about it being my last teen year. I would say it has become a tradition. Fingers crossed it’s broken this year. Update Nov 2019: The spell was broken, no more birthday crying! Moving forward I am going to try to do a trip on my birthday. This year, the big 2 5, my friends and I spent the weekend in Montauk, or really at The Sloppy Tuna in Montauk (IYKYK).


What is a fun fact about yourself?
I’ve been skydiving twice. This year my goal is to bungee jump. Fun fact within a fun fact: There is a place in New Zealand that will let you bungee jump for free if you go naked.


Fill in the blank: if you really knew me, you’d know ___
I never leave the house without a scrunchie, Advil and lip balm in my bag.


What is a perfect day to you? Either at OpenSlate or on a free day?
I love the beach so any classic beach day is perfect to me. My favorite beaches are in Australia, my computer background will always be Bondi Beach. Update Nov 2019: My apartment in Australia is 20 steps from Bondi Beach’s sand!

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