Introducing OpenSlate for YouTube CTV

July 26, 2021

CTV had one of its best years with strong viewership numbers in 2020. As pandemic lockdown confined nonessential workers to their homes, video content thrived as a source for entertainment and escapism. 

CTV ad spend is now projected to reach $13.4 billion by the end of 2021, creating massive opportunity. YouTube is #1 in reach and watch time among ad-supported streaming services, and is #1 in growth by watch hours over the past two years

But while the massive shift to CTV has created unique opportunities, inconsistencies make it challenging for marketers to harness its true potential.

That’s where OpenSlate and YouTube combine to offer a solution.  When advertisers buy OpenSlate on YouTube CTV, they get access to the benefits of YouTube combined with the benefits of OpenSlate targeting to ensure access to premium, scalable inventory.


OpenSlate has spent years developing industry-standard content metrics and our brand safety and suitability solutions are trusted by leading brands and agencies across the globe. Our  solutions can now help marketers safely and successfully navigate the world of CTV.

For more information contact your OpenSlate sales representative or email us here.

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