Managing Suitability During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 12, 2020

OpenSlate is taking client concerns regarding Coronavirus content seriously.

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be the predominant news topic for the foreseeable future. That being said, Coronavirus content is by no means limited to news. Social platforms reflect the world at large; just as nearly everyone is grappling with the implications of Coronavirus, creators across multiple content genres (travel, entertainment, family) are addressing it as well. OpenSlate is running daily queries of our database and has found the volume of Coronavirus-related content is increasing anywhere between 5-10% per day.

The social platforms are taking action regarding Coronavirus content.  YouTube at first demonetized all related content, but then reversed their decision. At present, Facebook is focused on combating misinformation amongst other efforts. Platforms are relying more heavily on AI content moderation and dialing back human review; in this scenario, pre-campaign targeting becomes even more critical.*

OpenSlate has already augmented our data science models to flag Coronavirus misinformation (e.g. “bat soup”) so that clients aren’t funding creators spreading false information. We recommend that all advertisers take proactive action to avoid monetizing inaccurate, misleading and harmful content.

Content suitability decisions must be made by each brand after careful consideration of the brand’s values and priorities.  If you want to avoid Coronavirus content, a keyword strategy in conjunction with content targeting will further mitigate exposure. The downside to this strategy is the potential impact to scale, particularly within news content — at a moment in which trusted, reliable, ethical news has never been more important to audiences.

The OpenSlate team is here to help provide guidance regarding suitability solutions for your brand should you have any questions or concerns.


*Post updated as of 3/18/20

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