OpenSlate Clients Protected from Latest Wave of Brand Suitability Concerns

April 20, 2018

CNN reported on April 19, 2018 that advertisements from over 300 brands ran on YouTube channels “promoting white nationalists, Nazis, pedophilia, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda.”

None of the content referenced within the CNN article is included in any OpenSlate brand safety content slate. No OpenSlate clients had exposure on these channels.

OpenSlate is an independent, third-party provider of social video analytics and brand safety. Our data science gives the world’s largest brands the transparency and control required to design and implement their own definitions of YouTube content suitability.

Our clients care both about the subject matter of the video where their ad appears and the channel that their ad subsidizes. Our clients feel strongly that to avoid one video that features hate speech or pedophilia but to still support that creator with advertising dollars is unacceptable. OpenSlate empowers our clients to avoid both.

If you have questions about the CNN story or how your advertising dollars are being spent on YouTube, please reach out to your OpenSlate representative or get in touch.

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