OpenSlate Content Ratings System Integrated with Facebook Dynamic Content Sets

November 20, 2019

OpenSlate’s content ratings system is now integrated with Facebook Dynamic Content Sets. Facebook’s Dynamic Content Sets enable advertisers to proactively determine the exact videos in which their ads will run and is currently in testing for in-stream placements.

OpenSlate has been analyzing Facebook’s ad-supported video data at scale for block lists since last year, during which we have launched and refined more than 20 video-level suitability filters. The data science we developed for Facebook block lists can now be applied to Dynamic Content Sets.

Brand suitability is not binary – it is nuanced and unique to each brand and content environment – and OpenSlate’s technology allows for content-level modeling to be dynamically updated.

OpenSlate believes that a healthy media ecosystem supports marketer choice and control over where their ads run. Dynamic Content Sets provide this choice and control, backed by a trusted third-party.

Please reach out to your OpenSlate representative or contact us to learn more.

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