Product Update

OpenSlate Introduces Enhanced Models for Conspiracy Content

October 21, 2020

At OpenSlate, we’re constantly updating and evolving our safety and suitability models to inform and protect our clients’ advertising spend. Our proactive targeting solutions combine our Content Ratings with advanced modeling capabilities to ensure that brands align with the best environments for their message, at scale.

OS Control now includes suitability models for conspiracy theory content. Conspiracy theories can take many forms; our machine learning training set includes examples from flat earthers, alien sightings, and more. Our clients are concerned about the flow of misinformation; OpenSlate conspiracy theory models prevent advertisers from unwittingly funding this content. Both YouTube and Facebook have made efforts to curb conspiracy content on their platforms and OpenSlate’s independent ratings provide our clients with even more control.

For more information on this and other data models, please contact your OpenSlate sales representative today. 

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