OpenSlate Joins Google’s Expanded YouTube Measurement Program

July 7, 2020

OpenSlate is pleased to announce that we have joined the newly expanded YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP). All OpenSlate solutions continue to be available to our clients – including our pre-screening and corresponding reporting for YouTube Select (formerly Google Preferred) as well as TrueView pre-campaign targeting and corresponding post-campaign reporting.  

OpenSlate has also entered the evaluation process for the Brand Safety Reporting Program (BSRP),  which enables members to offer post-campaign brand safety verification. 

OpenSlate’s trusted, independent metrics are used by the world’s largest advertisers and all holding companies to target and measure content quality, suitability and subject matter. OpenSlate has been a YTMP partner since the program’s inception in 2017.

The expanded partnership between OpenSlate and YouTube signals to brands and advertisers a commitment to transparency and alignment around industry standards.

To learn more, please email us at

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