Product Update

OpenSlate Launches Facebook Brand Safety Solution

January 24, 2019

We’re excited to announce our Facebook brand safety product and our certification as one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners for Brand Safety.

OpenSlate’s independent content ratings system is used by the world’s largest marketers to ensure their advertising is placed in the most appropriate environments. The scale and diversity of Facebook video has grown to the point where advertisers now benefit from a deeper understanding of the available content and data to support targeting decisions.

OpenSlate has spent nearly a year developing a unique application of our tech and data science to Facebook’s in-stream advertising environment.

OpenSlate for Facebook provides advertisers:

  • Greater visibility into where ads could run on Facebook’s in-stream content
  • Page-level content ratings to address suitability concerns
  • Independent assessment of video content suitability
  • Dynamic optimization and automated management of block lists

Learn more about our new Facebook Brand Safety solution and Partnership here. And email us to set up a demo.

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