OpenSlate Launches Pre-Campaign Brand Suitability Solution for YouTube’s Emerging Lineups

September 17, 2020

OpenSlate is excited to announce our pre-campaign brand suitability solution for YouTube’s Emerging Lineups, a product offering that is part of YouTube Select. Emerging Lineups provide an easy way to efficiently extend the reach of campaigns among up-and-coming or niche channels, with the added benefit of brand suitability controls.

OpenSlate’s offering will accommodate channel-level exclusions for advertisers who want to leverage the scale of Emerging Lineups with third-party suitability controls. The Emerging Lineups product from YouTube is currently available in the U.S.

OpenSlate’s experience with brand suitability for YouTube upfront reservation products is unparalleled; we were the first to offer solutions for Google Preferred and have done so since 2017. Our solution for Emerging Lineups leverages years of iterative data science and empowers advertisers to invest with confidence. We know that clients care about the videos, channels and creators they support with advertising dollars; OpenSlate brand suitability solutions paired with Google native controls continue to provide advertisers with the highest levels of assurance.

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