OpenSlate Ratings Power Facebook Content Allow Lists

May 12, 2020

OpenSlate ratings are now integrated with content whitelists for in-stream campaigns on Facebook. Content Allow Lists, formerly known as Dynamic Content Sets, give advertisers the ability to work with trusted third-party partners to review and customize brand-suitable video sets for running in-stream campaigns. 

OpenSlate has invested two years of development into Facebook targeting solutions – during which we have launched and scaled SlateScores (OpenSlate’s proprietary content quality metric), more than 20 suitability filters and 50+ content targeting categories for in-stream video. OpenSlate data science is applied at the video and page level to generate dynamically-updated whitelists that meet advertisers’ unique content standards. 

OpenSlate’s content whitelists solution gives marketers the trusted, independent measurement they need to invest confidently, at scale. 

Please reach out to your OpenSlate representative or contact us to learn more.

(Update on August 17, 2020: We’ve updated blog copy and headline to reflect Facebook’s changes reflecting “Content Whitelists” are now “Content Allow Lists”)

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