Independent Measurement of the Nature and Quality of Content

The scale at which content is produced and monetized makes human curation of media plans impossible. OpenSlate’s independent content ratings empower advertisers to take control of where their ads are running via pre-campaign targeting as well as post-campaign analytics.

Subject Matter

Our ratings system begins with an independent assessment of content subject matter. OpenSlate applies machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition and more to create our proprietary content taxonomy.


OpenSlate rates the suitability of content based on advertiser risk tolerance and areas of avoidance. Suitability is not one-size fits all; OpenSlate gives advertisers the ability to navigate away from dozens of categories that brands often find objectionable.


SlateScore is OpenSlate’s proprietary content quality metric. Data-driven solutions help advertisers navigate content environments to ensure their messaging is running in the best possible content at scale. More than seven years of iterative data science powers SlateScore, which rates the quality of content based on criteria including the predictability of a publisher, minimum safety thresholds and measures of engagement. Advertisers use SlateScore to determine the highest quality environments for their campaigns.

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