We Create Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges

The scale at which content is produced and monetized across social platforms makes human curation of media plans impossible. OpenSlate’s unique, data-driven approach enables us to analyze and measure the nature and quality of social video content at scale.

Subject Matter

Our ratings system begins with an independent assessment of content subject matter. OpenSlate applies machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition and more to create our proprietary content taxonomy.


Safety & Suitability

OpenSlate rates the suitability of content based on the presence and prevalence of harmful and brand-sensitive subject matter.  Suitability is not one-size fits all; OpenSlate gives advertisers the ability to navigate away from dozens of misaligned categories such as kids content, politics, video gaming, and more.


SlateScore is OpenSlate’s proprietary content quality metric that empowers advertisers to align with high-quality content at scale. Driven by nearly a decade of iterative data science, SlateScore rates overall content quality by leveraging a robust data set including popularity, engagement, and predictability signals. 

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