Data-driven solutions for the world’s largest video platforms

OpenSlate gives brands the transparency and control necessary to ensure their video campaigns are running within safe, suitable, relevant environments. 

Our proprietary metrics and analytics make the concepts of content quality, contextual relevance, suitability, and safety measurable and predictable for our clients.

Protect your brand with pre-campaign decisioning

At OpenSlate, we believe brand suitability is subjective but measurable. We measure video-level brand suitability and use data science to predict the future safety of video channels/pages. Our data, targeting and reporting help advertisers take preemptive measures to align brand messaging with quality, suitable content.

With OpenSlate solutions, clients can take control of where ads are running before an impression has been served – no longer relying on hindsight after a campaign has delivered.

  • Identify the right channels and videos in relevant environments for your audience as they consume content they care about.
  • Identify content that may not be suitable for your campaign to prevent misalignment and mitigate risk.

OpenSlate brand suitability solutions are available globally in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German with 5 additional languages to launch in 2020.

Identify the best environment for your brand

Human communication is complex and subtle.

So is OpenSlate’s proprietary taxonomy for classifying content. We map hundreds of millions of videos and their metadata in a content classification system that contains millions of terms and concepts. This classification identifies content categories and publisher expertise amid the unlimited subject matter available online.

OpenSlate empowers advertisers to identify and target the most relevant, effective content environments for their messaging.

Curating the right environments for brands

By analyzing data about the quality, suitability and relevance of content, OpenSlate creates custom targeting models for clients to help guide media investment.

OpenSlate Targeting Solutions:

OpenSlate Guard Slates focus on content suitability and safety. Additional targeting parameters can be overlaid on Guard Slates.

OpenSlate Graph Slates identify content relevant to a marketer’s brand, message and audience, while maintaining brand suitability standards.

Transform data into insights

Take a closer look at campaign delivery in easy-to-understand, comprehensive reports using OpenSlate’s data-driven standard for defining and measuring content. Go beyond binary verification to understand how content impacts campaign performance and optimize while maintaining alignment, safety, and suitability. OpenSlate decodes campaign performance into actionable insights.


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