Data-driven solutions for the world’s largest platforms

OpenSlate gives brands the transparency and control necessary to align with the best environments for their message, at scale. Brands leverage our trusted insights, targeting, and measurement solutions to drive advertising effectiveness.

How? By making brand safety, suitability, content quality, and contextual relevance measurable and predictable for our clients.

OpenSlate solutions are available across an expanding set of platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. Offerings may vary based on unique platform specifications and requirements.


Brand Safety and Suitability

OpenSlate’s brand safety and suitability solutions mitigate misalignment and reduce risk pre-campaign, demonstrated by our impeccable track record—zero exposure to brand safety incidents for clients.

Our Suitability Ratings measure content across dozens of categories to which advertisers are commonly adverse. We go beyond individual videos to also evaluate the context of a creator’s entire channel or page.

This unique approach provides brands with an independent, comprehensive measurement of risk—and when combined with targeting—greater control over ad placement. We work with advertisers to determine their particular risk tolerance and develop custom targeting to meet their needs.

Along with pre-campaign controls, we offer ratings-driven campaign verification and insights reports, which analyze risk at the channel and video level.

Available globally in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German, with five additional languages to launch this year.


Quality and Subject Matter

What does good content look like if it doesn’t (necessarily) look like tv? Digital offers a massive upside for brands with new content genres, memes and paradigms emerging every day. Because of this, looking at content quality through the lens of traditional tv simply doesn’t work. SlateScore, OpenSlate’s proprietary content quality metric, gives brands the power to align with quality content that is native to each platform.

Along with quality, contextual relevance is a powerful engagement driver. Our proprietary taxonomy enables brands to choose from over 60+ content categories, allowing them to connect with audiences in relevant environments at scale.

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