Data-driven insights for more confident decisions

Clients need better insight into where their ads are running − and how content and context impact results.

Brand safety is subjective, but measurable. OpenSlate’s proprietary metrics and analytics make the concepts of content quality, suitability, and safety measurable and predictable for their clients.

Proactive protection for your brand

OpenSlate measures video-level brand suitability and uses data science to predict the future safety of social video channels. Our data, targeting and reporting helps advertisers understand and mitigate risk.

Brand Safety is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our targeting can be set as narrowly or broadly as needed, adjusted for channel or video focus or tailored for custom concepts. And no matter how you buy YouTube media − Google Preferred or TrueView − we have brand suitability solutions available.

Our custom targeting works at the video and channel level and can be set as narrowly or broadly as needed. OpenSlate’s brand safety solutions can be deployed across Google Preferred and TrueView.

Data Modeling Pillars include:

  • Hate and Violence
  • Sexual Content
  • Excessive Profanity
  • Sensitive or Controversial Content
  • Children’s Content
  • Language

Identify the best environment for your brand.

Human communication is complex and subtle.

So is OpenSlate’s proprietary taxonomy for classifying content. We map hundreds of millions of YouTube videos and their metadata in a content classification system that contains millions of terms and concepts.

OpenSlate analytics identify content that is relevant to a brand, a specific message or a particular audience. Our systems can even suggest content based on ad performance.

Curating the right environments for brands

By analyzing data about the quality, suitability and relevance of content, OpenSlate creates custom targeting models for clients to help guide media investment.

OpenSlate Targeting Solutions:

OpenSlate Guard Slates focus on content suitability and safety. Additional targeting parameters can be overlaid on Guard Slates.

OpenSlate Graph Slates identify content relevant to a marketer’s brand, message and audience, while maintaining brand suitability standards.

The independent, third-party brand safety auditing solution for YouTube advertisers

How do you know your brand is safe?

OpenSlate’s methodology provides clients with a data-driven standard for defining and measuring brand suitability. This next-level transparency can be applied across both Google Preferred and auction-based YouTube media.

Do you know where your ads ran?

Advertisers want to know their ads are running in the most appropriate environment. OpenSlate’s proprietary data on more than 400 million ad-supported videos on YouTube can provide that reassurance.

Our data gives marketers the transparency and insights they need to advertise with confidence. While some content is universally regarded as unsafe, the safety or suitability of other content is subjective. OpenSlate’s auditing solution gives clients the power to evaluate which content aligns to their unique standards.

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